2017 Guide to the Best Gelaterie in Italy

Following my previous article regarding “Real Artisan Gelato” here, on the 23rd January 2017 Gambero Rosso, an Italian food and wine magazine and publishing group founded in 1986, released the Guide to the Best Gelati Shops in Italy.

Among 37.000 Gelati Shops around Italy, only 300 has been selected to be on the Guide, confirming that less than 10% can be called “real” Artisan Gelati Shop, and only 36 got the best score (3 cones).

At this link you can find the list around Italy of the best 36: http://www.gamberorosso.it/it/food/1030719-guida-gelaterie-d-italia-2017-del-gambero-rosso-la-classifica-e-i-premiati

Enjoy your next trip to Italy 😉

Great Gelato won once again.

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