Cattabriga Effe6: the ‘Ferrari’ of the Gelato Machines

As my Master once said: “Do you prefer to work with a Ferrari or a Fiat?”

Everybody knows the answer 😉

So why Cattabriga Effe6 is such a special and fascinating Gelato machine?

First of all has been the first automatic Gelato machine ever invented.

In 1927 a talented Italian engineer, Otello Cattabriga, patented a mechanical system to make Italian Gelato. The system actually imitated the “Stir & Stick” movement of Italian Gelato artisans of his time. Since then, Cattabriga has been synonymous with top quality Gelato, and a source of major technological advancement in the industry.

Second I think that Effe gives identity to true Artisan Gelato makers and give that ‘Personal Touch’ that a Gelatiere should give by hand-moving the product with the stick, as needed, before extraction.

Only Effe can handle special recipes and produce incomparable flavors. The ability to handle old and modern flavours, the experience of several generations, plus an inimitable technology: Effe has no match in the industry, nor in Gelato history.

Third: it’s a lot of fun!

Fourth: have you noticed my logo?

Cattabriga Effe6 churning


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