Gelato Vlog

Hey Gelato lovers! Good news (or bad news depending from where you want to see it). I decided to start my Gelato Vlog (video blog). I went to a store last week and I bought my super beginner starting gear: camera, tripod, batteries, v-cards, etc..

I tried my first attempt on Saturday and as I presumed, it wasn’t easy at all! I tried different angles, I tried to find the right focus, I tried to explain to my cake designer Giada to don’t jump in the shot everytime (very hard mission!) and this is the final result: 1 minute video out of around 1 hour and half recording (yes, my batteries weren’t properly charged….).

I promise I’ll get better, both in recording and editing. My next trip around Asia will be a good test. I’m not Casey Neistat and never will be, but I get inspiration from him 😉

Hope you’ll enjoy my first video in the meantime, I called it: “Stracciatella (choc-chip) in one minute”


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